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Bulk Expo

Meet the Speakers: Michael Sousa

Michael Sousa, Director at Qube Ports and Bulk, says in 2020 the bulk handling industry shouldn’t expect more of the same. Instead, he says there is a risk of being left behind if companies don’t keep up with new and better ways of handling material.

Recently, his team’s focus has been on helping the market understand how bulk handling equipment has changed for the better.

This knowledge is set to be shared on 1 to 3 April in Melbourne at BULK2020, when the industry will come together under the one roof to network and learn from one another. Sousa, with more than 24 years of experience in the industry, will speak at a dedicated conference hosted at the Australian Bulk Handling Expo.

He says that technology will be a major talking point at the event.

“Everyone talks about it and there has been a lot of development in making bulk handling systems maximise the amount of volume,” Sousa says.

“The pressure is on from an environmental, economic and regulatory standpoint.

“Whether it’s on a truck or loading/discharging a ship, there is a push to design ways of handling material faster, safer and smarter.”

Qube is one of Australia’s largest logistics companies, providing a staggering amount of bulk handling operations around the country. Sousa says that the company handles the majority of bulk exports that don’t go through private facilities, offering end to end solutions to improve efficiency.

His top tip for bulk handling companies is to put logistics high on the agenda.

“Bulk handling companies will do all the work in terms of their core business but often leave logistics to the end,” he says.

“They then realise the logistics is difficult and expensive, leaving them with no time to assess the best mode or supply chain to get their product to market.”

“This is why partnering is so important. The market has moved away from a supplier/customer servant trading environment and to one where you can partner with companies that have the same goals as yours.”

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