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How a global silicones business improved safety and blend integrity

How do you manage bulk materials handling when you have a huge range of materials and diverse site layouts? That’s the challenge a global silicones business faced. They wanted conveying machinery and equipment to manage multiple industrial powders and operate efficiently in different plant layouts.

Manually handling large volumes of 25-kilogram bags
The chemical company’s immediate need was automating the transfer of 25-kilogram bags of cornstarch. Their manual material handling process took up to 90 minutes and was risky for plant operator’s health and safety. Manual handling also affected blend integrity and reduced overall operating efficiency.

Moving to a fit-for-purpose conveyor design
Plant constraints presented another hurdle. The site had limited floor space and low headroom. They required a mobile conveying unit so operators could move the screw feeder and safety frame out of the plant when not in use to keep the forklift traffic lane clear.

Floveyor Endura range improves efficiency and blend integrity
The F3 Floveyor from the Endura range automated an inefficient, ergonomically difficult process. It dramatically improved material throughputs, resulting in superior batch integrity and a cleaner operation. The site required minimal renovations to provide a steep flow angle for complete material discharge.

The new Floveyor:

  • Increased total batch transfer sizes to accommodate 900 to 1,800 kilograms of bulk bagged cornstarch
  • Eliminated the risk of repetitive lifting injuries
  • Produced a clean conveying operation by discharging cornstarch directly into the blender through a dust-tight flexible hose.

 Using a Floveyor in your chemical bulk materials handling
If you would like more information about how Floveyor can add efficiency in your chemical processing plant, get in touch. They are powder handling specialists for the chemical industry and can help you find the right solution for your brownfield or greenfield operation.