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Corin Holmes – Operations Manager, Jenike & Johanson

Corin Holmes – Operations Manager, Jenike & Johanson

Abrasive wear of equipment is an important problem when storing and handling bulk granular materials. Significant cost savings can result from the proper choice of wear material because of decreased maintenance requirements and the avoidance of using expensive wear-resistant materials when not needed.

Corin Holmes, Operations Manager of Jenike and Johanson, will be presenting at the conference about tools to quantitatively predict wear that will occur at any location within bulk solids handling equipment.

Although ample literature exists describing investigations of two-body abrasive wear, very little research has been directed towards three-body abrasive wear (i.e. loose abrasive particles sliding on a wearing surface) that are more typical in industry. The methodology incorporates the principles of bulk solids flow, the use of an open three-body abrasive wear tester, and engineering analysis tools to aid in the design or modification of material handling equipment.