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Tony Scarborough – Business Development Manager, VEGA Australia

Tony Scarborough – Business Development Manager, VEGA Australia

Since we began in 1959, VEGA has embraced new technologies and, today is no different.

Primarily a manufacturer of level, pressure, density and flow measuring field devices we envisioned at the turn of the millennium a need for our customers to take measurement data from their field devices and make it available in a web-based format, allowing them to more easily plan & schedule for logistics and supply chain management.

The VEGA inventory management system back then was known as WEB-VV and has now transitioned in to VIS with a suite of additional tools to assist customers in better utilising their ‘data in the cloud’.  Industry 4.0 has allowed VEGA to further develop their field devices and radio units to make for easier data transmission to both VIS and 3rd party ERP’s as well other cloud-based management systems.